Mission DR. Strangelove

by Maky | January 24th, 2012 |

The blog in the future will host content and culinary practices vegetarian unorthodox therefore reading these articles is not recommended to an audience younger than 16 years.

Dear prepared to this almost necessary Papello. The prophecy of the Maya for myself has come true with a little 'in advance, "You're dying ???" no absolutely no fact, histology who is expecting a negative result, despite this the 2012 brought many innovations.

I make the outing ... Haim inge and I after Christmas we decided to predere different paths accordingly we will not live more together (and who cares you think!) For all those who know us (public message = substantial savings pecunia telephone) l 'inge in question "is not at home for the next 50 years, please leave a message after the beep ... biiiiiiiiiiip". Now I try home and work, I have a love in less that has become a major new trusted friend and feel the sap flow in the veins.

In this emotional whirlwind I said to myself: "Well, if all this happens for a reason ?!" Basically I think just the randomness of events, I think quite the concatenation of the same example: I sleep little - I wake up bad - bad work - send to that country all - I am suspended from work - I always pissed more - fire me - I go to eat in the bins because I can not find work - I sleep under bridges - I get adopted by a rich man who has pity on me and overwhelms me with presents.

My philosophy of life is something scientifically explainable with two simple words: action -> reaction.

But what has all this with the blog? Centered centers, four years later I find myself alone: ​​make breakfast for one, do the shopping for one, cooking for one, distribute attentions for one and one for live, so in a flash comes enlightenment: "Geez, around not found anything that teaches people who live alone to escape the boredom of food four walls. "

I admit, for the first few days I fed with white bread, Philadelphia and pickled gherkins and I still do at regular intervals. I know I suck, but I felt lost reading the recipes for 2, 4 or 6 people. My brain refused to divide ingredenti and I found myself in the kitchen demoralized me the usual cucumber sandwich.

And what happened? After much meditation I came to the "inner consciousness" to be single (that word tactless!), Why not turn this situation (difficult on a practical level but superabilissima) into something useful? Why not spend some of my time to us single / widowed / allergic to marital relationships / people living alone / university students with no culinary skills to create recipes tailored to our needs?

And here's the news:

- The blog host many initiatives, we will know more deeply, we will speak of our culinary delusions, we interact with us and we will learn a lot from each other!

- You will find special recipes (along the way you will understand)

- Arrange for you themed events

- Issues will be more than ever unbelievers

I have so many projects that I am developing to cheer up our dishes, fill our lonely evenings and to impress if you had a date (I love it this definition!). I know that initially attended only "friends and family" but I am convinced that soon you will join you too ... give me a reason to desist from doing so!

No need to spend time to divide the ingredients, calculate the cooking time or invent an alternative meal usual mess and you will be "accompanied by the hand" in the depths of the kitchen and in the choice of raw materials (in case you are unable) are .. also ready to dispense lashes of life to the most reluctant.

You will find almost everything that is right for you, I say "almost" because the rest I'll have to put you with the fantasy. Do not want to see you bored, the food can be a good cure for the soul.

My greatest wish is to see you in the kitchen as if you were at the helm of a galleon: aggressive, confident and successful!

Get ready at the beginning of a new era: the era of reason

Tremble ... the Piratessa is back!

22 Responses to "Mission DR. Strangelove "

  1. Now, do not get me wrong ... but I LOVE YOU ^ _ ^ Let's be serious: you are a force of nature and although Maky "partially keep the family" (in the sense that I do not live together and Dany) will follow you willingly ... I look forward to the commencement recipe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Franci !!!!!!!!!! I'm sure that you know multiply doses much better than I know divide ^ _ ^

  3. Maky, two lines and a million news.
    Step by relief of medical report to the dismay at the situation with the nge, but I'm glad to read you so charged and full of energy, time only to the future.
    Good luck, whatever your mind decides to give birth, and you can soon work :)

  4. You're a sight !! I have no other words!
    Right now I guess as the heroine of the saga stierg larsson, especially for the loaf pan, spread it and gherkins =)
    Once you understand that air can pass, we can breathe and then live accordingly, though still limping, the bulk is done! Although the road will still be well articulated back pirate favorite !!!



  5. Arabafelice in fact most things have happened to me in two weeks the whole year! The inge will always be part of my life and will hear about yet (to avoid you the sidrome abandonment ^ _ ^)

    LaVally: Thanks dear, now I am dedicated to the storage of the galleon ... can not wait to see him sail to new destinations!

  6. it is true there is no blog that gives the ingredients for singles, and even if one is not single, it is sometimes only at home, will be able to cook for himself and just? mica must take care of what you eat only in families from 2 up!
    aspect of these changes, I'm sure will be amazing!

  7. Herbi dicimo which is more a "survival guide for people who eat alone" ^ _ ^ I can not wait to get back to create. Thank you, your comments are charging me a lot!

  8. I do not know what to say ... in the way, sorry for the break, but I'm glad of your strength.
    I regret the "singlelaggine", but I think painstaking work of neurons that have screened all, the other possibilities, so I am pleased.
    in essence, even though I know for my damn direct experience (years = 10) that the blow comes after, when all the habits become lame and need of the wedge cardboard new initiative, I am pleased to read you proactive.
    good luck to every corner of the heart, of the work, the kitchen!

  9. Pillow are so dear, I try to turn more positive in all the misfortunes that come from life that many times are shown in the form of new challenges or stimli positive not to lose sight of. Good luck to you on all fronts!

  10. Great !! I think the place I would have locked in your house again for moltoooooo time to despair and eat pasta as a main dish with butter and chocolate dry as sweet. I will follow with great curiosity (although still continue to cook for 2 or 4 ... but leserate alone captain occasionally ;)

  11. that grit !! Brava, look the new recipe

  12. Agnes: naaaaaa, ended in the best way for both of us (some four years are always four years and I cried rivers) but in the end wins the survival instinct. By for icette can always multiply by 2 or 4 ^ _ ^

    Maia: ^ ____ ^

  13. Appearance eagerly all these news!
    The beginning of a new chapter can only surprises and you're charging so that will certainly exorbitant :-)

  14. dear, I sent an email with a propostina. Let me know you received ;)

  15. Hello Maky,
    I will follow only a few posts and I want to make you my best wishes to all.
    I await curious new recipes (they are already in place by ambush, like cats) and now I'm going to play a little beyond 'with agar agar (but I will learn from those who' these things?).
    A big kiss!

  16. katy: they are highly charged, so much that I can not even sleep. I just hope I do not disappoint the people.

  17. agnese: mail received! It is a beautiful project, contatemi well in the team.

  18. lorenz: thanks for everything, know that they are useful in some way fills my heart with joy!

  19. perfect! happy to have you aboard. From now on, however, for this thing we hear just to email. You will write a short with all the detailed info.

  20. Very Well!

  21. but come on you are just like the phoenix, resume full of life with many ideas for the head ... .. I would say that is a nice way to look ahead, never give up !!!! ciauzzzzz

  22. Thanks Astro, fortunately one that does not give up !!!

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